MLT Boot Camp

Major League Trading Boot Camp is a full comprehensive futures trading course focused on developing a solid trading foundation. In our boot camp you will learn everything you need to know about futures trading and how the markets work.


MLT  Boot Camp


Get 12 Free months in the MLT Members Trade Room


You will have access to 16 hours of Boot Camp Footage


Learn all the basics skills you need to start trading like an MLT member


Watch real orders executed right in front of you in our trading room for educational purposes


Gain access to MLT basic videos


Risk Management: Using Technical Analysis, you will learn how to manage risk by creating situations that are in your favor


Access to the MLT Coaches. Ask them trading questions throughout the day

Our Boot Camp Classes are every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at night. These classes are typically 90 minutes long. See you in class!

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1 : Setting the stage

In this chapter we will be going over how to set your workspace up for trading. We will have every thing you need to read market internals and how to do your chart analysis.

Chapter 2 : The Basics

In this chapter we discuss the order execution platform we prefer.  We will also start to discuss basic charting skills.

Chapter 3 : The Fibs

This Chapter focuses on Jack’s trading style.  You will learn how to use Fibonacci analysis to place high probability trades.

Chapter 4 : Time Frames and Levels

Eric will be teaching how to analyze multiple time frames to stay in tune with the micro and macro trends.  He will also be discussing how to mark key levels for the trading day.

Chapter 5 : Support and Resistance

While this concept may seem easy it is one of the most important concepts a trader will need.  We discuss how support and resistance relates to the fibs.

Chapter 6 : Multi Time Frame Analysis Continued

In this chapter we dive even deeper into multiple time frame analysis.

Chapter 7 : Traditional Fibs and Extension Fibs

Jack will go over his unique Fibonacci analysis.  He goes over the difference between extensions and a traditional Fibonacci retracement.

Chapter 8 : Market Psychology and Divergence

In this chapter we discuss a very important concept, which is market psychology.  We will also look at divergence and how the index products relate to each other.

Chapter 9 : Tick Review and Market Psychology

Eric will do a tick review in this chapter and Jack will elaborate more on the concepts of market psychology.

Chapter 10 : Pivots and Jack’s Q & A

Eric will go over how he gets his key levels and market pivots.  This is also where the boot camp members ask common questions.

Chapter 11 : Jack’s Market Internals

Jack will discuss what is under the hood in the markets.  The infamous internals.  Jack will teach you how to read what drives the markets.

Chapter 12 : Review

This is the last day of class!