The Nadex Mastery Course


The Major League Nadex Trading Strategies Course will give you the basic knowledge you need to start trading binary options right away. We discuss what Nadex is and the best chart patterns for this type of trading.

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Learn Jack’s 6 Setups to Trade Nadex

The Breakfast Trade

The Charge Trade also known as the breakfast trade triggers after 45 minutes of trading past the NYSE open. It uses a pullback strategy to enter into the market on Gap days. The Nadex course comes with a proprietary indicator that applies to the Charge Trade ($199 value) and comes with the Nadex course using the TOS platform.

The Half Way Back Trade

The Half Way Back is a pull back strategy for trending markets it works in both bullish and bearish trends by identifying significant pivot point in the market and looking for retracement entry points for high probability set ups for the continuation of the trend.

The Bully Trade

Range bound markets are where most traders get chopped up. By mathematically identifying the range and marking the outer levels of the most recent moves the bully trade provides a new way to trade with inside a range. No more chasing failed breakouts with this set up.

The Dive Trade

The Dive trade is a trade taken only in the direction of the higher time frame trend when anticipating a breakout in the direction of the path of least resistance. This trade is designed to enter into breakouts before they take out their previous highs and lows.

The Leg Start Trade

The Leg Start is a trade taught to identify a previous significant move then anticipate the beginning of that move to mark support and resistance levels for retest in the future. These provide potential trade set ups. The Leg Start trading set up also has a proprietary indicator that can be found in the Nadex indicator package.

The Flunk Trade

The Flunk Trade is used with combustions of the other trade set ups in the Nadex Master Course. The levels of support and resistance are pulled from time frames => one hour. One of the most common combinations is the Flunk combined with a HWB and it is one of my personal favorite trading set ups.

Also Included With This Course

The MLT Proprietary Breakfast Trade Indicator

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Live Trading Videos of Tens of Thousands of Profits

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$ES Trade Grid Chart Trading Software With Tutorial

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Course Syllabus

8 extensive modules and over 4.5 hours of learning.

Module 1: What is Nadex?

28 minutes

Module 2: Basics Of Trading Nadex

18 minutes 50 seconds

Module 3: Account Setup

17 minutes 28 seconds

Module 4: Charting Basics

1 hour 1 minute 10 seconds

Module 5: MLT’s Setups

1 hour 15 minutes 35 seconds

Module 6: Major League Trading Membership

32 minutes 45 seconds

Module 7: Trading Smart

28 minutes 36 seconds

Module 8: Course Review

15 minutes 01 seconds

Jack Gleason

Jack is a day trader from Chicago. Jack got his start in the markets at age 15. He has worked for Tom Sonsoff the Founder of TOS with his own segment on the Tastytrade Financial network called Get Trading at 22. He specializes in technical analysis and is the co-moderator of the MLT Training Camp.

Eric Marcus

Eric Marcus is a partner and head moderator of the MLT live trading room. He began trading while still in high school before working with another trading firm in Virginia. He focuses on trading the E-Mini S&P500 and options.


I have struggled for 3 years to trade on my own and you guys gave me the missing puzzle piece I needed to be successful on my own.

Andre W. San Antonio, TX

You are a good recommendation because you offer both training and the ability to look over your shoulder while trading live. No lag, no practice account but real money.

You are a minority.

James E. Roan Mountain, TN

Because of your class I had the best trading I’ve ever had.

People can’t say you aren’t the real deal it’s unbelievable!

Jermaine G. Yakima, WA